BILL WEBB - Managing Partner

Bill Webb has served as the company's CEO since founding BIM in 2001. Bill's vast law enforcement career has spanned nearly 40 years. He served with the Columbus, Ohio Police Division and later was the Deputy Superintendent of Identification for the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation. As BIM's CEO, Bill utilizes his extensive experience to focus BIM's priorities on initiatives that are important to industries using biometrics. You may contact Bill at bwebb@bioinfomgt.com or 614.791.3221.

MIKE POWERS - Managing Partner

Mike Powers has served as the company's COO since founding BIM in 2001. Mike's 30 year career includes being a fingerprint technician with the FBI, a latent examiner with Hamilton County Sheriff's Department (Ohio), and a Deputy Director at the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation. As the COO, Mike is responsible for day-to-day operations and new business development. You may contact Mike at mpowers@bioinfomgt.com or 614.791.3220.

BEN POWERS - Managing Partner

Ben served as BIM's IT technician prior to becoming the VP of Information Technology. Ben earned his degree in Aviation Management from The Ohio State University and has always had a keen interest in technology. This blend of skills and interests has given Ben the ability to interact easily with customers while ensuring the highest quality technical support. You may contact Ben at bpowers@bioinfomgt.com or 614.791.3220.

SUZANNE WEBB - Managing Partner

Suzanne served as BIM's technical writer prior to becoming the VP of Marketing & Sales in 2008. Suzanne was a grant administrator at the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services and expanded her skills by becoming a customer service director at an international contact center. Because of her customer service experience Suzanne ensures every aspect of BIM's business has customer satisfaction as a top priority. You may contact Suzanne at swebb@bioinfomgt.com or 614.791.3221.



Biometric Information Management began in 2001 by providing government and commercial institutions with biometric consulting and project management expertise. BIM has grown in recent years to include fingerprint equipment sales and services.

Though our business has expanded we have always taken pride in our excellent service and continue to make customer satisfaction our number one priority.

Our staff has over 60 years of collective experience in fingerprint technology and law enforcement. We believe this knowledge, combined with affordable pricing and excellent service, places us ahead of our competitors.

"From the very first call, BIM was easy to work with, respectful of my time, and willing to understand the unique opportunities of my business. In fact, their tech support guru, Ben, even made arrangements to pick up our laptop to save us a trip to their facility. My initial equipment cost $1,000+ less than their competitor!

It's been a long time since a company was so interested in ensuring customer satisfaction!"

Contact Us by phone or email. We are located in Columbus, Ohio.