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Experienced Fingerprint & Background Check Consulting Services

Because of our extensive law enforcement and fingerprinting experience, Biometric Information Management has provided unparalleled consulting services to government and commercial institutions since 2001.

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A Broad View of What We Do

Our goal is to offer outstanding professional consulting expertise, enabling organizations to best use fingerprint and other biometric technology. We make a priority of engaging with all of our clients directly – never sending you to an automated menu, and quickly returning any messages – so you can be assured of prompt and personable customer service when you consult with BIM.

Management, Analysis & Assessment: Our Biometric Solutions

Through our extensive list of biometric consulting services, Biometric Information Management can help your organization with any of the challenges faced by companies and entities that require fingerprinting and background checks. Among the consulting services we offer are:

  • Workflow analysis and needs assessment
  • System requirements definition
  • Requests for proposals or bids
  • Vendor matching matrix
  • Functionality and reliability testing
  • Project implementation
  • Project management

BIM Internal Network

BIM’s LiveScan fingerprinting network is comprised of internally vetted locations, spread out nationwide, that meet safe and secure procedures. BIM offers the ability to put machines into your locations and train employees on the capture of prints and applicable security policies. This allows your applicants the ease of using your own locations for fingerprinting requirements.

Revenue Sharing Options Within the Network

BIM also provides one of the industry’s leading revenue share programs for LiveScan network members. With our optional software solutions, you can customize your scheduling and record management. Want to build out locations with confidence? We also offer consulting to put your company ahead of the competition.

Why Utilize Our Internal Network?

Among the many advantages of the BIM internal network are:

  • Scheduling capabilities, as well as customized internal record management software
  • Flexible leasing terms, in addition to competitive purchasing options
  • Top-ranked revenue sharing options within the BIM network
  • Premier customer support and team members with over 65 years of industry experience
  • We work with you to provide services to you and your customers if you are not capable of providing various services.

To learn more about our consulting services at BIM, contact us today! We’re ready to answer your questions.