Reliable Hardware & Software for Fingerprinting & Background Checks

Biometric Information Management offers fingerprint kits, accessories, software solutions and other products for use with live scan and National WebCheck. Our equipment and software are FBI certified and approved for use in many states, including Ohio, Florida, Oregon, Arkansas, and Illinois. Our systems utilize i3 inVize ID software, an advanced, easy-to-use complete background check application that captures fingerprint scans, collects demographic information and verifies the data with the appropriate background check authority.

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Biometric Fingerprint Software Solutions

Our line-up of software includes applications for fingerprinting, as well as facial photos, background checks and data records. Each piece of our reliable, superior technology is designed for accuracy, offering the best possible value to public-sector and private-sector customers alike.

Fingerprinting Hardware, Scanners & Accessories

All of our fingerprinting products, from highly advanced scanners to secure carrying cases, meet all the relevant FBI standards, and most are made in the U.S. In addition to top-of-the-line, 10-print and palm scanners, we also sell the accessories needed to ensure you get the best prints possible – print-enhancing gel, oil-free hand lotion, anti-fogging spray, etc. Need a way to print out the images you’ve gotten? We use only FBI-certified Lexmark printers, too.

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Custom Solutions Tailored to Your Organization’s Needs

If your organization faces a multitude of different requirements, it may not be possible for a single package of software and equipment to meet all your needs without breaking the bank. At Biometric Information Management, we’re not satisfied with cookie-cutter packages. We’ll be happy to work with you to figure out the setup that works for you, and then put it all together.

In nearly two decades in business, we’ve worked with an enormous number of companies that faced very specific needs, and we have the experience to build to their specifications – law enforcement, health centers, financial institutions, fingerprint service providers, background screening companies and more.

What Our Customers Say

Guarino & Associates
Margaret Guarino, Owner

“The tech support that I receive from the BIM Support Team is the best. It is timely and efficient. I am definitely not proficient in the inner workings of the computer, so when there is a glitch of any sort, I am on the phone immediately. The team at BIM has always been able to solve whatever has happened. I am very appreciative of this service.”

Dagenbach Enterprises Inc.
Jon Dagenbach, President

“On Friday, April 6th, 2012, our WebCheck software failed to function properly. Late in the afternoon, I reached Aaron at tech support, and he was quickly able to confirm that something had gone wrong and the program had to be rebuilt. Initial attempts to download programs failed, and Aaron figured out a way to work around the problem. At 9:00 PM Friday evening, I was informed by Aaron that he had fixed the problem. I never expected to have the situation resolved on a Friday night, but was grateful that Aaron took the time to not only fix this problem, but to do it on a Friday evening. Both his technical skills and willingness to work on this issue well beyond the traditional 9-5 business day were impressive, and I think he deserves recognition for his efforts.”

Florida Agency for Health Care Administration
Mary Perkins

“It’s been great working with you and your team. BIM has always been easy to work with, and you take great care of your customers, which helps us a lot!”

AD&S, Inc.
Carolyn Rains, President

“A few years ago, someone at a bid conference slipped us a note with the name and number of Managing Partner Mike Powers. We immediately contacted Mike and found him not only to be personable and very easy to work with, but also found him and his company to be one of the highest integrity.”

Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati
Ron Swiech, Jr.; Senior Director, Human Resources

“I wanted to take a moment and share with you how pleased I am with the service I received from Adam Powers and Jonathon Abrams of Biometric Information Management in the purchasing of our new WebCheck system. From the start, Adam was both knowledgeable and courteous, taking the necessary time to answer all of our questions, and kept the process moving to avoid delays in product delivery. Likewise, Jonathon was there to meet me upon my arrival at the Columbus location. He covered all necessary aspects of the system that I felt were necessary and offered to respond promptly to any concerns/questions we may have post-delivery. Both of these individuals exceeded my expectations and truly are representative of exceptional customer service.”

Exeter Pulmonary/Critical Care
Exeter Pulmonary/Critical Care

“Just wanted to thank you so much for your hard work and help with obtaining my Florida nursing license. I got it on Friday! It was a very professional, thorough service you provide.”

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