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reliable hardware & software for fingerprinting & background checks

Biometric Information Management offers live scan systems, software solutions, fingerprint kits, accessories, and other products, including our own proprietary applications, for use with live scan and National WebCheck. 

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Invize id: how it works

Our equipment and software are FBI-certified and approved for use in many states, including Ohio, Florida, Oregon, Arkansas, Illinois, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Washington. Our systems utilize i3 inVize ID software, an advanced, easy-to-use complete background check application that captures fingerprint scans, collects demographic information and verifies the data with the appropriate background check authority.

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highly accurate, certified biometric software solutions

Biometric Information Services does more than just work with state-developed background check programs, such as Ohio WebCheck and Florida Live Scan. We’ve also developed our own software solutions for fingerprinting, background checks, facial photos and data security. All of our solutions are built for efficiency, thoroughness and accuracy, offering – along with our highly attentive customer service – the best value in the business.


If your company’s process for managing employee and volunteer onboarding feels like a jigsaw puzzle with too many moving pieces, we’d like to introduce you to BIM’s latest software, the Cryms management platform. Cryms is a multi-tiered application for your company’s scheduling, background check and data encryption needs.

The cryms software securely encrypts and stores all personally identifiable and criminal history information and meets all the necessary FBI Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) security policy requirements. Now is the time to streamline your hiring process in a secure platform using cryms.

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photo acquisition submission software (pass

Photo Acquisition Submission Software is a cross-vendor add-on that meets requirements for the state of Florida screenings that require facial photos in addition to fingerprints, including AHCA, DCF, DJJ, APD, DOEA and Vocation Rehabilitation. It is a lightweight application used in conjunction with SQL Server Compact edition.

fingerprinting hardware, scanners & accessories

All of our fingerprinting products, from highly advanced scanners to secure carrying cases, meet all the relevant FBI standards. Most are made in the U.S., and all integrate with live scan and National WebCheck uses. In addition to top-of-the-line, 10-print and palm scanners, we also sell the accessories needed to ensure you get the best prints possible – print-enhancing gel, oil-free hand lotion, anti-fogging spray, etc. Need a way to print out the images you’ve gotten? We use only FBI-certified Lexmark printers, too.

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solutions tailored to your organization's needs

If your organization faces a multitude of different requirements, it may not be possible for a single package of software and equipment to meet all your needs without breaking the bank. At Biometric Information Management, we’re not satisfied with cookie-cutter packages. We’ll be happy to work with you to figure out the setup that works for you, and then put it all together.

In two decades in business, we’ve worked with an enormous number of companies that faced very specific needs, and we have the experience to build to their specifications – law enforcement, health centers, financial institutions, fingerprint service providers, background screening companies and more. And we make a point of always keeping the lines of communication open, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time in automated menus.

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