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Ohio National WebCheck Training & BIM Videos

At Biometric Information Management, we want our clients and customers to have the skills necessary to get the best fingerprints and complete the best background checks possible.

Training Resources

We offer resources to help you better understand the nuances of the process so you can obtain the kind of high-quality prints that will put your organization on the right path, including training videos, the official National WebCheck manual and regular training sessions through the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI).

Monthly Ohio National WebCheck Training Classes

All new Biometric Information Management customers who will be using Ohio WebCheck are required to attend one of BCI’s monthly training classes prior to using the system. All BIM WebCheck classes are located in Dublin, Ohio, and are presented by the experienced staff from BCI and BIM. This training is tremendously informative, and well worth your time to attend before you begin using Ohio WebCheck through our BIM hardware and software.

2024 National WebCheck Training Dates

All trainings may be conducted online and customers will be given specific tools and instructions for participating. The training dates coincide with Ohio BCI’s training portion.

January 23
February 27
March 19
April 23
May 21
June 18
July 23
August 20
September 17
October 22
November 26
December 17

BIM Training Videos

Visit the Biometric Information Management YouTube page for training videos on dealing with problems faced by fingerprinting professionals. Our video series features instructional videos on how to correct issues related to fingerprints that are too light or too dark, as well as missing fingerprints and haloing (radiant heat from the hands being captured by a fingerprint scanner).

WebCheck Training Manual

We host the Ohio National WebCheck Training Manual on our website. Click here to download it.

To learn more about the training opportunities provided by Biometric Information Management, contact us now!