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About Us

A Reliable Partner for All Your Fingerprinting Needs

Biometric Information Management is an industry leader in live scan equipment sales and support. Since 2001, our family-oriented company has provided consulting, using top subject matter experts and offering comprehensive solutions, to companies within the fingerprinting industry.

Trustworthy Services with an Emphasis on Customer Service

BIM also provides agnostic proprietary solutions to assist live scan users in complying with industry regulation. Our sales and support teams offer the highest customer-facing service, allowing all our clients to feel confident in choosing BIM for their biometric needs. We have a strong commitment to thorough communication and to working directly with customers – no automated messages or complicated phone trees.

Extensive Experience: Our Management Team

The leadership team at BIM brings to the table 65+ combined years of experience in biometrics. Our founders started BIM in 2001 after long, distinguished careers in the industry, much of it with federal, state and local government agencies. Two decades later, we remain committed to our principles, focused on:

  • Highly accurate equipment
  • Deep and thorough understanding of the requirements and nuances of biometrics
  • Hands-on client interaction to ensure we meet the highest customer expectations

Our Mission Statement

Do the right thing for the right reason.

One-on-one Customer Interaction: Our Sales Team

BIM’s sales force makes a point of working with each and every customer directly to find the product or solution they need. We help your organization put together a comprehensive picture of all its equipment and software needs, and then set about meeting those needs, one by one. Our team – with offices in Ohio and Florida – will even develop personalized solutions for your biometric needs.

Guiding You Through: Our Friendly Fingerprint Services Team

Our fingerprinting crew is highly qualified and trained in capturing the best-quality electronic fingerprints possible. Still, their expertise goes far beyond fingerprinting ability. Everyone on the team has excellent customer service skills, ensuring we can walk all applicants and customers through the often-confusing employee background check process without hassle or discomfort. And we are extremely dedicated to proper follow-through – we want you to be in your new job, school or volunteering gig as quickly as possible!

Highly Qualified & Certified: Our Technical Support Team

Specialized equipment can be difficult to work with when problems arise, and we understand that not every organization has a full-time IT professional on staff. That’s why our factory-certified tech support squad works to make sure you understand the issues as well as possible, and goes the extra step to ensure your system works properly for you. Our approach to tech support is customer-focused, with a response time of 2 hours or less during business hours.


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