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reliable fingerprinting services for companies & individuals

BIM understands that the fingerprinting process can be stressful and, sometimes, confusing, no matter how many times you or your company have gone through it. That’s why we pride ourselves on our personable customer service. We will work with you to make sure you thoroughly understand every step of the process, and be available to answer any questions or clear up any uncertainty you may have.

fingerprinting for individuals: painless process, quick response

Biometric Information Services’ affordable, efficient electronic fingerprinting program gets you working and certified as quickly as possible. Through our partner locations, offer fingerprinting for FBI, BCI (Ohio) and FDLE (Florida) background checks. Our superior technology gives us top-of-the-line reliability and our extensive expertise makes it easy for us to guide you through the process. Our customer relationship doesn’t end when you walk out the door.

our promises to individuals in need of fingerprinting:
  • Highly reliable fingerprinting technology with a rejection rate of less than 1%
  • Taking a second set of prints, if necessary, in case the first doesn’t go through
  • For difficult fingerprints, tracking them as they make their way through official channels, so we can offer you quick updates and respond accordingly if there are any problems
  • Explaining the process in detail and answering any questions you may have before, during and after the actual fingerprinting
  • Hand pointing index finger as if ready to give a fingerprint

    fingerprinting for companies: efficient & thorough service

    If your company needs to run fingerprinting on potential employees, you can send them to our office or we can dispatch a fingerprint technician directly to your site. Our live scan fingerprinting services offer top-quality prints and highly accurate collection and processing – which means the best chance for a fast turnaround on results. From law enforcement and home health care to churches and preschools, we serve a vast array of different industries and we are committed to giving them all great, reliable customer service.