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reliable fingerprinting services for companies & individuals

BIM understands that the fingerprinting process can be stressful and, sometimes, confusing, no matter how many times you or your company have gone through it. That’s why we pride ourselves on our personable customer service. We will work with you to make sure you thoroughly understand every step of the process, and be available to answer any questions or clear up any uncertainty you may have.

fingerprinting for individuals: painless process, quick response

Biometric Information Services’ affordable, efficient electronic fingerprinting program gets you working and certified as quickly as possible. We offer fingerprinting for FBI and BCI (Ohio) background checks, and can also process out-of-state fingerprint cards at our office in Seminole, Florida. Our superior technology gives us top-of-the-line reliability and our extensive expertise makes it easy for us to guide you through the process. Our customer relationship doesn’t end when you walk out the door.

our promises to individuals in need of fingerprinting:
  • Highly reliable fingerprinting technology with a rejection rate of less than 1%
  • Taking a second set of prints, if necessary, in case the first doesn’t go through
  • For difficult fingerprints, tracking them as they make their way through official channels, so we can offer you quick updates and respond accordingly if there are any problems
  • Explaining the process in detail and answering any questions you may have before, during and after the actual fingerprinting
  • Hand pointing index finger as if ready to give a fingerprint

    submitting florida fingerprints from outside the state or country

    Fingerprinting requirements in Florida are very specific. Please follow the seven steps below in their entirety.

    1. 1
      Get Fingerprinted

      You must find a participating law enforcement agency or fingerprinting company to provide fingerprint cards and capture your fingerprints. Two entire FBI Applicant FD-258 cards must be completed and are generally provided for you. However, you may need to request these cards from the applicable agency requesting the background check (e.g. Florida Department of Health). Inform the fingerprint technician that you need to be fingerprinted on two of the fingerprint cards for your Florida background check.

      You will keep one card in your possession, and another card will be sent to our offices. You can search for a location here.

    2. 2
      Complete Card Information

      Be sure to complete all of the necessary information on both fingerprint cards:

      • Full Name
      • Address
      • Signature
      • Date of Birth
      • Sex
      • Race
      • Height
      • Weight
      • Eye Color
      • Hair Color
      • Place of Birth
      • Social Security Number *
      • Driver’s License Number **
      • ORI Number ***

      * Include your social security number in the SOC field on the cards. If you do not have a SSN, write “Not Available” in that field.

      ** Include your driver’s license number in the MISC field on the cards. If you do not have a driver’s license number, provide another government ID number such as a passport number in that field.

      *** If you have not yet received your ORI Number or cannot locate it, please contact the agency in charge of your licensing or certification.

    3. 3
      Submit Contact Form

      Complete and submit the appropriate contact information form below based on your location. You will receive an email copy at the email address you provide, which will include pricing and more information. You must print that email copy and send it in along with your other documents.

      U.S. Customer Contact Form:


      International Customer Contact Form:

    4. 4
      Provide Payment

      Pricing and payment instructions will be provided in the email copy of the contact information form that you receive.

    5. 5
      Mail It In

      Mail only ONE card, printed contact information email and payment (or printed online credit card payment confirmation) to:

      Biometric Information Management
      Card Processing Unit
      11590 Seminole Blvd. Suite B-1
      Seminole, FL 33778

      Keep the second fingerprint card in a secure location in your possession.

    6. 6
      Receive Confirmation

      Once we have received the completed fingerprint card, completed information and payment, we will electronically send it to Florida for processing your background check. We will email you a confirmation that it has been submitted to Florida and provide you with a Transaction Control Number (TCN) for reference. Please retain this for your records.

    7. 7
      Wait For Results

      Check with the Controlling Agency that is processing your background check for results (i.e., the Florida Board of Nursing). They will provide you with the status of your background check.


    Florida Fingerprinting Scheduling

    ask about our reuse program!

    Capture prints once, then use them again many times as needed for acquisitions, licensing, employment, volunteer work and more. This program is useful for boards of directors, sales and licensing across multiple states.

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