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Our High-Quality Fingerprinting & Consulting Capabilities

At Biometric Information Management, we provide quick, reliable biometric services to businesses, nonprofits, schools, law enforcement agencies and more, keeping lines of communication open all through the process.

The BIM Quality Commitment

Whether it’s our work as a fingerprinting service provider for use with live scan and WebCheck, or our advisory work on your organization’s fingerprinting and background check programs, our lengthy law enforcement and biometric experience gives us the know-how to give you top-of-the-line service, and our commitment to strong customer service ensures you always know where you stand with us and don’t have to sit around waiting.

Fingerprinting for Individuals, Businesses & Organizations

We understand the fingerprinting process from top to bottom and we use that knowledge to keep our fingerprinting customers informed. We want everyone we work with to understand the procedures – from preparation to receiving results – and have no worries about what can sometimes be a stressful process. And our ultra-reliable equipment, with a less than 1% rejection rate, can capture prints other entities can’t.


  1. 1
    Fingerprinting for Individuals:

    Prints for FBI and BCI (Ohio) background checks, as well as processing of out-of-state fingerprint cards. We can process out-of-state cards into electronic submissions for states in which the practice is allowed. Please inquire if this is available for your state.

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    Fingerprinting for Companies:

    Printing performed at our headquarters in Dublin, Ohio, or a technician sent to your location.

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    National Mobile Fingerprinting:
    • Processing prints sent to our Ohio office from anywhere in the U.S., following all the requirements of the relevant state(s).
More About Fingerprinting

Consulting, Assessments & the BIM Network

With more than 20 years of experience as a company, and 70 years of law enforcement experience between our two founders, BIM has an incredible amount of expertise when it comes to background checks and other biometric procedures. Through our consulting services, we offer that expertise to law enforcement agencies, schools, nursing homes, volunteer agencies, banks, government agencies, background screening companies and more. We can work with your organization on workflow analysis, RFPs, project implementation and management, vendor matching, and more. We also offer revenue sharing services, optional software solutions, flexible leasing terms and more through the BIM Network.

Florida Live Scan Fingerprinting

BIM is proud to offer live scan fingerprinting services with multiple locations throughout the state of Florida.

Interested in learning more about our fingerprint or consulting services? Contact BIM now!