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At Biometric Information Management, we provide quick, reliable biometric services to businesses, nonprofits, schools, law enforcement agencies and more. Whether it’s standard fingerprinting services for use with live scan and WebCheck, or advising on your organization’s fingerprinting and background check programs, our lengthy law enforcement and biometric experience gives us the know-how to give you top-of-the-line service, and our commitment to strong customer service ensures you always know where you stand with us and don’t have to sit around waiting.

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Fingerprinting for Individuals, Businesses & Organizations

We understand the fingerprinting process from top to bottom and we use that knowledge to keep our fingerprinting customers informed. We want everyone we work with to understand the procedures – from preparation to receiving results – and have no worries about what can sometimes be a stressful process. And our ultra-reliable equipment, with a less than 1% rejection rate, can capture prints other entities can’t.

Our fingerprinting services include:

  • Fingerprinting for Individuals: Prints for FBI and BCI (Ohio) background checks, as well as processing of out-of-state fingerprint cards. We can process out-of-state cards into electronic submissions for states in which the practice is allowed. Please inquire if this is available for your state.
  • Fingerprinting for Companies: Printing performed at our headquarters in Dublin, Ohio, or a technician sent to your location.
  • National Mobile Fingerprinting: Processing prints sent to our Ohio office from anywhere in the U.S., following all the requirements of the relevant state(s).

Consulting, Assessments & the BIM Network

With more than 17 years of experience as a company, and more than 65+ years of law enforcement experience between our two founders, BIM has an incredible amount of expertise when it comes to background checks and other biometric procedures. Through our consulting services, we offer that expertise to law enforcement agencies, schools, nursing homes, volunteer agencies, banks, government agencies, background screening companies, and more. We can work with your organization on workflow analysis, RFPs, project implementation and management, vendor matching, and more. We also offer revenue sharing services, optional software solutions, flexible leasing terms & more through the BIM Network.

Florida Live Scan Fingerprinting

BIM is proud to offer live scan fingerprinting services with multiple locations throughout the state of Florida.

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What Our Customers Say

Dagenbach Enterprises Inc.
Jon Dagenbach, President

“On Friday, April 6th, 2012, our WebCheck software failed to function properly. Late in the afternoon, I reached Aaron at tech support, and he was quickly able to confirm that something had gone wrong and the program had to be rebuilt. Initial attempts to download programs failed, and Aaron figured out a way to work around the problem. At 9:00 PM Friday evening, I was informed by Aaron that he had fixed the problem. I never expected to have the situation resolved on a Friday night, but was grateful that Aaron took the time to not only fix this problem, but to do it on a Friday evening. Both his technical skills and willingness to work on this issue well beyond the traditional 9-5 business day were impressive, and I think he deserves recognition for his efforts.”

Exeter Pulmonary/Critical Care
Exeter Pulmonary/Critical Care

“Just wanted to thank you so much for your hard work and help with obtaining my Florida nursing license. I got it on Friday! It was a very professional, thorough service you provide.”

Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati
Ron Swiech, Jr.; Senior Director, Human Resources

“I wanted to take a moment and share with you how pleased I am with the service I received from Adam Powers and Jonathon Abrams of Biometric Information Management in the purchasing of our new WebCheck system. From the start, Adam was both knowledgeable and courteous, taking the necessary time to answer all of our questions, and kept the process moving to avoid delays in product delivery. Likewise, Jonathon was there to meet me upon my arrival at the Columbus location. He covered all necessary aspects of the system that I felt were necessary and offered to respond promptly to any concerns/questions we may have post-delivery. Both of these individuals exceeded my expectations and truly are representative of exceptional customer service.”

BIM Customer
Terry Calvert-Marovich

“I just received an email from the Florida Board, and not only were the first set of prints accepted, everything is accepted and I have my endorsement license with Florida now active! Your dedication on getting the first set of prints the best possible and submitting them by end of day last Friday is appreciated beyond words! Also, my sincere gratitude for providing such caring service and support to me after my challenging drive to Dublin and my late arrival causing delay for all of your customers who were waiting so patiently. It was exactly what I needed!”

Florida Agency for Health Care Administration
Mary Perkins

“It’s been great working with you and your team. BIM has always been easy to work with, and you take great care of your customers, which helps us a lot!”

BIM Customer

“I just want to let you know that I have already received a confirmation from BIM that my fingerprints have been sent off to the state of Florida. Thank you so much for making this complicated process more simple for me with your detailed explanations. I followed your instructions to the tee and had no problems. Thank you again for your patience and for all the time you took to communicate with me. You were so very helpful and I greatly appreciate your advice.”

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