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Account Update Request


If you currently have or are in the process of obtaining an Ohio National Webcheck fingerprint system from BIM and you wish to make a change to your account record, please completely fill out and submit this form.

This form will submit to our Support team who will then make the requested changes on your account.

  • Agency Information

  • Enter the name of your agency, company organization, entity, etc.
  • There is where we will ship your fingerprint system.
  • Your 6-digit agency code provided by Ohio BCI. If you do not yet have an agency code from Ohio BCI, please input all zeros: 000000. You must apply for and provide your Ohio BCI agency code to BIM before we can deliver your fingerprint system.
  • Contact Information

  • The primary buyer or organizer for the fingerprint system within your agency.
  • Live Scan Administrator or Technical contact; who we may contact for Support.
  • Person responsible for handling A/R or A/P for fingerprint system.
  • It is only necessary to complete the billing address fields IF your billing address differs from your agency address.
  • If you answer YES for your agency, you must submit your Ohio Sales Tax Exemption Certificate to